Best 5 Mobile Roguelike Games Recommended for You

Edited by Editorial Team2022-01-13

In recent years, Roguelike games have been extremely popular and is deeply loved by players. First of all, Roguelike is a kind of RPG game. Secondly, there are several gameplay elements in this genre, for instance monsters and bosses are randomly generated, and it has a non-linear game flow. Each round is like a brand new game experience. Once the main character dies, the game restarts from the beginning. These games are not for the faint of heart.

With the constant evolution of the video industry, roguelikes have become more and more detailed. Typically in a roguelike game, once the main character dies he can inherit and strengthen certain abilities permanently, making subsequent  playthroughs easier , allowing players to have a  stronger starting point on their next run. Compared to traditional RPGs, Roguelike Mobile games offer players time saving options, such as increased experience points, extra time to complete levels or even a way to boost your stats.


In this article, I will recommend 5 Roguelike mobile games for you to enjoy.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a classic roguelike game which has been popular ever since it’s launch in 2017. The game is only 100MB in size, with a pixelated art style. Even with a retro look, it still catches the eye.The background music is tense and fast-paced with an arcade style, and the rhythmic combat sound effects fill the game with life. It has standard mobile game controls, the player has to pass through dungeons using the arrow keys to move. The movement is smooth. During each run the player can choose different weapons and skills for varied gameplay, such as adding elements to weapons or having a shield.

Within each new game, players will face random monsters, events, and bosses. Players will encounter merchants selling weapons on the map, and they can also hire mercenaries to fight together. They will encounter statues with increased buffs, making each new game fresh and exciting..

After the player has passed through the level, he can also use the resources in the level to exchange skills and upgrade the characters. Most of the game content players can experience without spending money, which is a positive for those on a budget. Of course, players who would like to support the developers of Soul Knight can also purchase character skins and rare characters.

What’s even more rare is that as a mobile game dominated by stand-alone gameplay, "Soul Knight" also adds multiplayer gameplay. You can play offline with friends or join a team room online.

The game has been improving and updating since it was launched in the public beta. Players who like this type of mobile game must try it.

Will Hero

Will Hero is a simple game with a bright style developed by a small company. The protagonist of the game is a cube-like hero who embarks on an adventurous journey in order to save the princess, but the princess is also very powerful. After being rescued by the protagonist, not only will she be married to the protagonist, but she can also assist in the battle.

The game is a 2D platformer in which the player can tap the protagonist on the screen to impact his movement, and continuous tapping causes continuous movement. The protagonist has a skill, which can turn monsters upside down, he can pick up weapons, and shoot monsters. The modes are diverse and the gameplay is very creative. Players need to pay attention to the timing of the protagonist's jump. Once the monster steps on our hero, gets hit multiple times or falls into the abyss, the game will  be over.

The protagonist is still very weak in the early stage, but the protagonist can use the resources obtained in the level to exchange for power ups and items. Not only will their appearance be changed, but there will also be different attack methods. When strengthening your character, weaker enemies will no longer attack the player. In addition to ordinary levels, players can also choose created maps with different themes, such as Vikings, Frost World, etc. Faced with different terrains and monsters, it takes physical energy to enter.

There are no in-app purchases in the game, and occasionally there will be pop-up advertisements, so players do not have to worry about the issue of being forced to buy gold .

In general, the gameplay of Will Hero is easy to learn and funny, definitely worth the time to play.


Not only does Archero have a pleasing art style but it also won the best game of 2019 GooglePlay award.

The game’s real creativity is in it’s gameplay. Players need to choose between the protagonist’s movement and how they deal damage, adding plenty of strategy to the game.However, I personally think that what makes Archero really interesting for players is its excellent level rhythm design. In each level in the game, the protagonist can quickly select and collect skills and talents, which will soon become more advanced. The beauty is how quickly you become stronger, the simplicity in Archero’s design quickly attracted a large number of players and followers in the mobile game market at that time.

As the difficulty of the level increases in the middle and late stages of the game, players should also start to strengthen some equipment and skills, and enter the stage of developing a larger amount of resources. Although it is not as amazing as the previous experience, it is very easy to play multiple times a day. Archero is what I personally think more mobile games should look like. With its creativity and gameplay, it has achieved great success and good income. It is worth learning from these independent developers. Although there are already a large number of imitators on the market, it is recommended that players should try it.

Dungeon Cards

Dungeon Cards is a mobile game with very simple rules and art. How simple is it? The dungeon consists of only nine grids.

The protagonist occupies a space in a grid representing the dungeon, and can move to the adjacent space when breaking through, while gold coins, monsters, weapons, mechanisms, etc. will appear randomly in other spaces. Players can click to control the direction of the protagonist’s movement to fight monsters or occupy another space.


At first glance the game seems very simple however there is a huge amount of strategy for players to think about. especially as every move the player takes they lose health and monsters grow stronger.

Players can also unlock the next difficulty level if they get enough points in the game.

After the battle is over, players can use the gold coins obtained in the level to unlock characters and upgrades. For example, witches are immune to fire damage, assassins have a chance to produce double attacks and have immunity to poisons. After these characters are obtained, players can make subsequent levels easier. It also gives players certain clearance goals.

The sound effects in the game are very concise, and it can be described as having big things in a small package.

Call of Lophis

Call of Lophis is a very niche card duelling mobile game. The gameplay focuses on the building of a deck. The game art style is dark and Gothic. With the music and sound effects being somewhat unimpressive. 

Levels in this game are randomly generated and not only are there monster battles but there are also some random events. Players can choose levels, improve attributes, enrich the deck, and defeat the final boss during this process.

Each battle is turn based. At the beginning of each round, players can draw cards, restore energy, and use card attacks to destroy enemies. Although cards are drawn randomly, the player’s deck is fixed, and cards can also cooperate with each other. It is a combination of offense and defense, or trying to deal the maximum damage, which is very strategic.


After the battle, players can unlock more card types, and the soul fragments obtained by passing through levels can also be exchanged for different characters. Each character not only has different attributes such as higher hit points and initial energy, but also has special initial skills. For example, the Gemini Gunner can strengthen cards, and the Plague Doctor can strengthen healing effects. In this way, the cards can not only form a coordination with each other, but also can be matched with the characters to produce better effects, making it more convenient for players to build a library.


The gold system in the game is simple to use, making players want to continue building their decks and play time and time again.


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