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On April 16th, Movie Games S.A., the publisher of the thriller game The Beast Inside, released their latest game Drug Dealer Simulator on the Steam platform. This is a simulation game developed by Byterunners Game. Players who are new to this genre will immediately compare it to the classic GTA series launched by Rockstar Games. The difference is that in this game we will play as a drug lord.

Drug Dealer Simulator allows us to start from scratch and build our own criminal empire. Without having to combat any legal or moral issues. In the game, players will start from a small drug lord in the block, and through constant recruitment, they will dominate their city and eventually the entire black market.

Players have to beware of rival gangs looking to take revenge on the player after stealing their business or even when negotiating with other drug dealers. There is also the ongoing threat of Police looking to catch you in the act. With each successful transaction, a lot of money is collected which players can use to expand their gangs, purchase new equipment, recruit subordinates or "honor" friends from the upper class, and so on.

This game allows players to become outlaws, plant poisons, and then finally sell drugs. The entire game will be very exciting to play. Once caught and brought to justice, the protagonist will be heavily punished.

The main content of the game is to start your legend in a ruined rental house. Dominate one side of the city, recruit troops, buy vehicles and maximize profits.! Of course, whether to be a black market businessman or a cold-faced killer social man-it's all up to you!

At the same time, be careful-criminal roads are also prone to slippage. Smuggling drugs from overseas drug cartels, evading hunts, and seeking shelter. Drugs can be distributed to retail investors, or you can do big business with gangs.

Just remember: be a smart person in a low-key manner. Your enemies may show up around every corner, and the Drug Enforcement Administration never takes a vacation.

Are you scared? The best way to eliminate fear is to face fear, and fortune favours the brave.

You are not the only one who upholds go your own way and let others have nowhere to go. Pay attention to everything. You’ll never know for sure if the next person you speak to will be friend or foe, maybe even both. Get your customers to return and keep a low profile if you want to build your business.

Looking for ways to spend your money? Use profits to expand your gang, add new equipment to the factory, give a little to the friends above, ask a few helpers to work for you, or simply eat, drink and have fun.

To write your story, you’ll need a gun, some help and high quality drugs.

The gameplay features are also very interesting, from importing smuggled goods from drug dealer groups-bringing things back to their dens, self-made formulas, bag packaging, and trading, from retailing to street gangsters to wholesale to the underworld. There is plenty to do with your time. The process of being a drug dealer includes planning strategies and tactics to make the most money, avoiding police patrols and anti-drug raids, expanding your territory, increasing influence in the city, hiring people to do jobs for you, and making transactions with different gangs to get all the way to the top. Develop your business, earn money and invest, face danger with a smile, and go further and further down the road of crime. This kind of grand plan means having everything in place. This game is a great portrayal of the many different crime boss movies.

Although the graphics in this game aren’t very impressive and even a little crude, this does not prevent the game from becoming enjoyable. This game's 91% praise rate on Steam is also enough to illustrate this point.

Even if the graphics don’t impress you, the attention to detail will. For example,the production and packaging of drugs has a lot of depth. Not only do you have to fill the corresponding materials according to the production table, but you also have to consider the weight when packaging, because the larger the size of the package the easier it is to be recognized by the police, and at the same time, you have to be alert to other gangs' sneak attacks. There are no friends on the black market.

Each order also requires players to communicate and trade through the phone in the game. Giving players dialogue choices to get the best deal.

Finally, to sum up my personal experience of this game as a whole, the aftertaste of many details after playing this game is quite daunting. When you play this role in the game, we have lost our basic conscience and humanity that we should have as a person. There is no hesitation when selling these types of products as long as we get the best deal. Even after the client becomes addicted, this game makes the player think about how much more money they can make off this client.When you are carrying a huge amount of cash and parcels in the middle of the night, you encounter a police raid. If you have a gun in the game when this happens, do you think twice about the consequences or do you just shoot the police officers? How can someone be so evil in the virtual world yet so kind in the real world?People are always self-interested. If you are interested in this game, you can try this game for yourself!

Drug Dealer Simulator


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