The Best Classic Games Everyone Needs To Try

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A collection of timeless classic games even more awesome than you remember

Super Mario

In your childhood memories, is there a little man who jumps on top of turtles and eats mushrooms?

Thinking back on those memories may have you thinking 'How could such a simple looking game be so much fun'? The truth is, the game is still highly enjoyable even today. Many people owned the early gaming consoles and played such basic yet hugely entertaining games. Many young people today would be so surprised that the Mario they know now developed by Nintendo had such a simple beginning.

Nintendo were known for making card games until they shocked the gaming industry by making cartridge based games with such classics as Mario and Contra.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a fighting game series first launched by Japan's CAPCOM in 1987. The first game in the series was released on August 30, 1987. The most notable characters in this game series are Ryu,Ken, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Sakura, Akuma, Vega and Gouki.

We can’t talk about Street Fighter without mentioning the huge player base in the arcades. Street Fighter 2 was hugely popular with younger audiences If you say you’ve been to the arcade yet never played Street Fighter 2, no one will believe you.

Unlike the Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters series of games of the same genre, Street Fighter succeeded in making its own path in the video game world. Showing how graphics aren’t the selling point but fluid controls bring so much more enjoyment to the experience. After making such a huge impact, many different media formats had the street Fighter brand including movies and cartoons.

Street Fighter

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a fun racing game composed of characters from Nintendo's signature game Mario series. Since its first launch on the Super Nintendo in 1992, it has been welcomed by many players and has achieved huge success in sales with every new release. It is a casual racing game popular with gamers of all different abilities. Super Mario Kart landed on the SNES in 1992 (Japanese version and US version) and 1993 (European version). 

This game has done a lot of work to lay the foundation for many copycat Kart racers. Features such as the Grand Prix mode, Battle mode, Random Item system and by constantly adding new content, Mario Kart is still a fun experience to this day. Developed by the Father of Mario - Shigeru Miyamoto, the first game sold 8.76 million sets worldwide. For players who like racing games and cartoons, there is no doubt that Mario Kart is exactly what they need.

Mario Kart

The King of Fighters 2002

The King of Fighters 2002 is an arcade fighting game developed by Eolith and published by SNK PLAYMORE. It was released on October 10, 2002.

The King of Fighters 2002 is a fighting game similar to The King of Fighters 98. The biggest difference however is the inclusion of a new battle system and one on one team fighting... It is the most popular game of the franchise, so much so that on February 26, 2009, SNK released the remake The King of Fighters 2002UM.

Similar to the Street Fighter series, there are few arcade players who don't know The King of Fighters and Street Fighter, especially the classic characters in "The King of Fighters", such as Mai Shiranui. It is still fresh in the memory of many male players.

The King of Fighters 2002 the most well-known in the series owing to its smooth gameplay and animation style..Thanks to the excellent combat system and complex combo mechanics, it’s easy for players to learn unique skills and combo moves. I have been able to sit still in the arcade hall for a long time thanks to how engaging this game is. King of Fighters is a must play franchise for you fighting games fans and can be played on multiple different devices.

The King of Fighters 2002


Pac-Man is a classic arcade game and one of the most recognisable games in the history of video games. Designed by Toru Iwatani of Namco and released by Midway Games in 1980. The image of the protagonist of the game is even used as a symbol of popular culture or a representative image of this industry. Its developer Namco also used this image as its mascot and company logo, and is still used today. The graphics of the game are incredibly basic, including a black background, a yellow circle which opens and closes as a protagonist and four different coloured ghosts as enemies. Players must navigate the map and eat all of the pellets (Yellow dots) on the map to progress to the next level. If a ghost catches up to and touches the character it is an instant death.

On May 22, 1980, Japan's Namco Co., Ltd. (NAMCO) released Pac-Man on the arcade platform for the first time. Soon after, Midway of the United States obtained the publishing rights in North America. At that time, most of the games on the market were shooting games such as Space Invaders. Pac-Man was a breath of fresh air, and soon won the love of players of all ages and abilities, including women and children. Since then, Pac-Man has been out of control, sales have hit new highs repeatedly, and peripheral products have emerged one after another.

The shape of Pac-Man evolved from a slice of pizza, but the producer Toru Iwatani said in an interview in 1986 that the word Mouth in Japanese was also his source of inspiration. This is another way of exporting native culture through video games. An exception to this is the similarity between the Japanese and Chinese writing systems.

The earliest stage name of Pac-Man is Pakkuman, paku-paku taberu. Paku-paku means the movement and sound of the mouth opening and closing, and it portrays the expression of 'I eat, therefore I am'. In order to cater to the tastes of young people, Pakkuman was renamed Puckman. But Puck is only one letter away from being an offensive word, so with another change we got the legendary name of Pac-man.

Pac-Man is easy to learn but difficult to master. Players control Pac-Man and must eat all the pellets in the maze, while avoiding the little ghosts as much as possible. Once Pac-Man eats the Power Pellet, it can in turn the tables on the ghosts for a certain amount of time. It is particularly worth mentioning that the left and right exits of the maze are interlinked, and players can warp from one side to the next for greater escape options. These classic video games are still as recognisable and popular as the classics from the card game era.



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