- Where Speed Collides With Physics

Edited by Editorial Team2021-12-17

The sensation of turning the key in the ignition, listening to the roar of the engine and feeling the vibrations of the vehicle coming to life. Smoke coming out of the exhaust acting just like the curtain opening at the start of a play ready to unleash the power within. Such a roar stimulates the nerves, just like going through the early stages of puberty.

Using the ninth art to its fullest, creating a new dimension in which to experience a whole new possibility of scientific experiments and master the laws of physics. But have you ever wondered what kind of chemical reaction you can cause when machinery, physics, and speed are combined? There is a game that gave us the answer.

The realistic driving simulation game, produced and released by BeamNG, uses physical collisions and highly realistic car structures to create a sophisticated mechanical world for us. In the game, the car controlled by the player has a high degree of elasticity. In addition to being able to view the external appearance, interior and other components to your car , the game's exclusive software physics engine can also calculate the running process of the various parts of the vehicle in real time. The software does a great job of simulating what would happen to a real car. uses BeamNG’s exclusive physics engine-Beam Next Generation. The vehicle skeleton in the game is composed of beams and nodes, and has the same power unit/body mass/appearance and interior design as similar vehicles in the real world. This engine calculates everything in real time.. The various elements to this engine allow us to experience the most realistic driving feeling to date.

The game has been researched and polished, and it has been well received since its launch in 2015. At that time, there was no shortage of racing games with realism as the core mechanic, but truly combining physics and gameplay, BeamNG is the first to explore this mechanic so thoroughly.. It is precisely because of the highly realistic physical collision system that this game also has another interesting name - Car Crash Simulator.

The reason why it is called Car Crash Simulator is because the game’s unique physical collision mechanism allows many players to play this car simulation game as a collision game. The real car damage can be mapped and assessed during the collision. The accuracy and detail of the collisions are unmatched even today. Of course, if you don’t want to break your car, you can also experience the charm of this game by completing tasks and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The game can currently be purchased and downloaded directly on the Steam store. There are two versions, alpha and beta, and we can choose according to our needs.

Now let’s speak about the UI. The main menu includes options such as starting the game, module resource library, and help. The majority of the game requires new modules. We can choose our favorite modules on the game official website or creative workshop and MOD website then embed them in the game to enrich the game experience. For example, in the MOD production website, you can download MODs such as police cars and fire trucks, and experience the joy of being a police officer in the game. The downside to this though is that having a high number of modules will also put higher requirements on your computer, especially the CPU. Beam.NG is a highly intensive game as it processes thousands of components in real time.

The modules downloaded on the official website often have many different characteristics. For example, the straight-line acceleration capability of a coupe-type police car will be better than that of an off-road police car, and the steering of a hatchback will be more responsive than a sedan. If games such as GTA and Need for Speed make us feel the passion of racing, then BeamNG.Drive impresses us with various details, allowing us to feel the charm of machinery from a more microscopic and scientific perspective. From the structure of a small part in the engine, to the intuitive experience of the vehicle's shock absorption and steering, this incredibly detailed and simulated driving experience is still massively popular years after release. Beam.NG is such a unique experience and has a charm that will bring in a huge amount of players.

As a physics sandbox game, we can drive the initial 31 cars in the game on 16 official maps all of which have different styles and mechanics for you to enjoy.. You can also try to challenge yourself by completing various challenges. For those of you who love the feeling of driving or players who want an even more immersive experience, players can choose to play Beam.NG in VR or connect a steering wheel and feel each vibration on impact. Just don’t forget that this is a game, in the real world you must make sure to obey traffic rules and safety should always be your top priority!

Since it is known as a car accident simulator, we have to talk about the details of the collisions. In the game, the damage level of the car crashes are replicated 1:1. As soon as impact happens, all of the in game details spring to life. The vehicle body is compressed by the impact, parts get scattered and engines explode. The details of the damage are incredibly in depth. There are also plenty of in game options to play with. You can ask an AI to collide with your vehicle, or simulate a police chase, which is very engaging. You can also choose the story mode to complete some more interesting tasks. The game is constantly getting updated with new features being added all the time.

However, it would be a pity if we simply treat this game as a crash simulator only. The sheer amount of detail for each vehicle is staggering. The multiple components to each vehicle means no two cars drive alike. Each has a different gearbox and weight to each of the pedals. The sensitivity of the brakes also differs based on the style of car being driven. Beam.NG really cares about the player getting the most accurate experience possible. After so many years of updates, there is a huge variety of cars to play with. Every car has its own personality, driving characteristics and has been carefully designed to match it’s real world counterpart. Almost anything you car lovers can think of, the developers make your dreams a reality. 

BeamNG.Drive is much more than a car crash simulator. It simulates all aspects of the car’s characteristics from the engine compartment to the drive shaft under the car. uses fake vehicle simulations to bring to life the charm of each individual car. In reality though cars are more fragile than those in the game, giving us the chance to experience things we could never accomplish in real life. After your car has been destroyed, you can immediately repair it and complete whatever task you were doing again. In real life however there are no second chances so drive carefully and obey the traffic laws.




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