5 Best Shoot ‘Em Up Mobile Games You Should Be Playing

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Speaking of Shoot ‘em Ups, many players may think of classics such as Raiden and Touhou Project. In this type of game, the enemy's bullets are poured out like water from a bucket, which requires fast reflexes and quick planning. This genre used to be for the hardcore gamer. 

As time has passed, now there are many relaxed and casual Shoot ‘em Up mobile games on the market, which not only give players the pleasure of dodging bullets, but also allow players to experience shooting bullets in an artistic way giving players a new and refreshing experience. The frustration after losing the fight is also much lowered thanks to quick respawns. Shoot ‘em ups are suitable for all ages and are worth playing.

This article introduces the audience to 5 relaxing and exciting Shoot ‘em Up mobile games. Let's take a look!

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

As expected by the name, this takes place in space. It seems simple at first, but in fact there are so many ways to play it. In each level, the player controls a spaceship to fly in space and destroy all kinds of monsters

The mechanics of the game are very simple, the spaceship shoots automatically but the player controls the movement of the spaceship by pressing the screen and swiping. There are several waves of monsters in each level, appearing in different arrangements, moving in a symmetrical pattern, coupled with the rhythmic background sound effects, it gives a very nostalgic arcade feeling.

After destroying some monsters, the player can obtain the power ups to increase firepower or change the spaceship type. Make sure to collect them as they can be very helpful for clearing the level. There are also special bosses at the end of each level which will put the player’s skills to the test.

If players find levels difficult you can use gold coins to strengthen your spaceship, increase the spaceship's attack power, use can even use items to slow the opponent’s movement speed, making the game very friendly to casual players.

In addition to the main mode, this game also has an endless mode and a multiplayer mode, which will surely make players enjoy themselves.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Virus War: Space Shooting Game

Virus War is a super casual Shoot ‘em Up game, you completely forget the time when you play it. The game is easy to play but hard to master. The player controls a working cell shaped like a small airplane eliminating various viruses. The game mechanics are very simple. Players drag the cell to move, which automatically shoots, aiming to eliminate the virus, even the entire process of passing through the level is very simple.

There will be various types of viruses in the levels, including blood-recovery, self-detonation, and cell splitting. The virus shows a number to represent its health. Players need to keep shooting until they are completely eliminated, and they will appear randomly in the level. Buff, enhance the combat effectiveness of the aircraft, weaken the ability of the virus, there are many random elements to the game.

Virus War: Space Shooting Game

1945 Air Force

The mobile version inherits the feel and gameplay of the classic arcade, plus familiar music, gives players a very nostalgic atmosphere. The game is similar to the previous games in terms of mechanics. Players swipe the screen to control the movement of the aircraft. Various types of enemies will appear in the level. There are planes in the air, battleships on the sea, and tanks on the land. Players need to focus on the height of their plane, which is a clever way to test a player’s ability. At the end of each level players must fight a boss in a lengthy battle.

Although the mobile version of 1945 Air Force requires a certain amount of skill from the player, it is actually not too difficult. Your aircraft has a health bar so it will not be destroyed immediately after being hit. You can also strengthen and increase the attack power of your bullets. Players can take out their mobile phones to play at any time, or they can immerse themselves in it for a long time. It is a very good game, and I recommend giving it a try.

1945 Air Force

Ball Blast

Although this is a simple small production 2D art mobile game, the gameplay is very interesting. The player controls a cannon moving it left and right. The cannon can fire bullets to destroy the rocks that fall from the sky. If the rocks are huge they cannot be destroyed in one shot, instead they bounce when they fall to the ground. When this happens players must be careful not to hit the rocks or it’ll be game over.

It may be a little awkward to begin with but after playing for a while, you’ll get used to the controls.The main thing is not to be greedy when attacking but to focus on survival.

After each battle, players need to use gold coins to strengthen the cannon’s attack power, speed, and the amount of gold coins obtained at the end of each level.

The combat feel of this game is good. It is very exciting when the bullets hit the rocks. It is easy to lose track of time when playing this game.

Ball Blast

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Another vertical Shoot ‘em Up game with very simple graphics. The gameplay is simple too, just shoot a bunch of monsters and enjoy the sound effects which are very futuristic.

Although it seems that the game has no obvious new ideas, the level design is excellent. The flight trajectory of the enemy monsters is dazzling, clever and they change patterns in unbelievable ways. It’s colorful and it’s clear to see that the developers have worked hard.

After each level is completed, players can purchase new airplanes, secondary weapons, and participate in endless mode to pass through the other levels.

On the whole, this is a small and exquisite mobile game, but the catch is that it takes a little longer than the rest.

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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack


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