Exercise Your Brain - 5 Hot Hidden Object Games for Mobile

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This article introduces 5 hidden object mobile games to the audience. When it comes to hidden object games, most players will associate them with elements such as observation, logic, and brain burning. However, the mobile games introduced in this article are not only casual and interesting but  the subject matter is diverse and players will be immersed as soon as they get started.

In just one round, the games can not only exercise the player's ability to observe and problem solve but also find clues and overcome difficulties with friends at parties. It is a must-have for players' mobile phones.

Let's take a look at which 5 classic and popular hidden object mobile games are introduced in this article!

Find Out

This is a mobile game based on interactive puzzles and object hunting. The game’s style is bright and lovely, and the background music is also funny and cheerful. It is easy and casual to play, and you will not feel tired or confused.

The level design in the game is very innovative. The scene screen will change with the player's interaction, allowing the player to find the hidden target item and successfully pass the level. For example, in the level of hostage rescue, when the player gives the weapon to the police officer on the screen, the robber will raise his hands and surrender, allowing the player to receive the hidden item - the robber's pistol.

And the level themes in the game are also very varied. The levels include hospitals, a zombie outbreak, pirate ships and prison escapes.  The levels may seem wild at first glance but there is plenty of personality in this game. Players can complete the final puzzle by observing the scenery and pushing objects to uncover hidden items. Players can also get information through props.   Because the puzzles are easy to solve, players won’t be too confused about how to find the hidden items.

In Find Out, in addition to the main interactive levels, there are static scenes to find items,  spot the difference, and even competitions with other players online The game even adds a level simulation which is used to display the collectibles obtained by the player in the level.  Even when your phone is in sleep mode, it will still collect coins for you to help you progress in the game.

Generally speaking, this is a mobile game with excellent gameplay and  plenty of content. Players who are even the slightest bit interested must download it to their mobile phones.

June's Journey

June's Journey is a plot-based mobile game which includes solving puzzles and finding objects. The game's art style is exquisite and has a realistic style. The game tells the story of our heroine Joan who ventured around the world in the last century, solving puzzles through keen observations.

The game has a stamina system for which only allows you to solve a certain number of puzzles before waiting for your stamina to recharge. In a scene, players need to find the items listed to obtain the clues needed to advance the plot.  You can replay stages to find items which you may have missed before or if you just enjoyed the scene itself.

When solving puzzles, many objects will be cleverly hidden, such as placed in a background of similar colors, which tests the player's observation ability, but it will become easier for players when they get more familiar.

The pace of the game is slower compared to the previous one in this article. A scene requires players to pass multiple times to obtain a higher rating.  The game has also added a feature in which you can relax in a garden.

Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a mobile game with the theme of crime investigation Criminal Case was also awarded Best Game of 2015 by GooglePlay.Each major level of this game is a case. The main gameplay is to find objects in the scene. Players need to find clues at the scene of the crime, and then organize and analyze them.

In the process of analyzing clues and evidence, the player also needs to complete a mini game, which is not only very interesting, but adds variety to keep players keen to play more. Finally, after the player has enough evidence, suspects are unlocked and through your own reasoning you need to work out who is the correct criminal.

Although the gameplay of Criminal Case is nothing new, the combination of gameplay and criminal detection themes greatly improves the interactivity and playability of the game.

In general, the theme levels of Criminal Cases are varied, the music is tense, it is a rare fun and engaging mobile game.

Hidden Hotel

Hidden Hotel tells the story of the protagonist who inherited a hotel, but the hotel has been dilapidated to the point where it can no longer be accommodated. Through his own efforts, the protagonist slowly cleans, repairs, and restores the hotel to its original state.

The gameplay method is to find hidden objects in the scene. You can solve puzzles, clean up the hotel, and watch the originally dirty and poor hotel become spotless and orderly thanks to  your own efforts. You can also change the decorations to match your hotel to your tastes.

As the plot progresses, the difficulty of each new level will increase, and the prompted items will change from text to black silhouette. Players need to be particularly familiar with the level and have extraordinary observation ability to have a chance to pass each level.  If players have difficulty finding objects they can use hints to help them progress.

Hidden Hotel has a coherent plot and classic gameplay, suitable for players to take out their mobile phones to play at any time.

Find It

Find It is a mobile game for playing spot the difference and finding hidden objects. The game's 2D cartoon art style is very pleasing, and there are many ways to play. Finding hidden objects, interactive puzzle solving, finding differences between pictures to name a few. Almost any way you can think of  to solve a puzzle are in this game.

The plot in the game is warm and cheerful. It tells the daily life of a girl traveling and falling in love. It can also give players a creative puzzle-solving experience even in ordinary scenes.

Find It is suitable for a variety of players thanks to it’s simple art style and upbeat music. It is competitive with many other games on the mobile market making it a must play for everyone.

 If you have any interest in the games in this article, make sure to download them today and share them with your friends.


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