Easy To Learn and Fun To Play - 5 Best IO Games

Edited by Editorial Team2021-11-23

IO games are often characterized by simple to learn rules, multiplayer online components, and immediate resurrection after death. Because they often end with .io when being named, they are also called io games over time, and are also called casual games. Simple games, battle games and even chaotic games have been gaining popularity due to their easy to pick up and play nature. As people’s pace of life accelerates and work pressure increases, these small games with simple and relaxing designs are favoured by those with a busy schedule.

If the above does not help you understand what IO games are, then let’s use the example of Steam’s Fall Guys, which was massively popular last year. It wouldn’t be surprising if you have played Fall Guys before with its basic mechanics, easy to pick up and play nature and immediate resurrection after death this shares many similarities to the IO games being recommended today.

So today we will recommend five different styles of IO mobile games for you to play. If you don’t have time to play those larger competitive games due to your busy life, then let’s see if these quick and relaxing games are something you will enjoy.

Crowd City

Crowd City is a big battle game that can bring you an exciting competitive experience. In this game you need to recruit people to follow you around.. The more people around you, the stronger you become in the game. You must defeat other players and continue to grow your army.

Simply put, this is a battle of numbers. As long as your team is strong enough, then you can absorb any team with fewer numbers than you, and then take them for yourself. Simple game rules, game mechanics , and immediate resurrection after death, ensure that even novice players can have a fun experience in this game. Plus with the added multiplayer element, it will get your competitive juices flowing.


Paper.io 2

Paper.io 2 is a sequel to Paper.io. The game was launched by the well-known game studio Voodoo. The games they launched have not disappointed and sell incredibly well. Paper.io 2 is no exception.

The graphics in this game differ from the first. The overall graphics are much more fluid and smooth. The gameplay is still similar to the previous game. Players control their own Paper and must expand their territory as much as possible.

Players must also be careful of other competitors as they can surround you and take over your territory. Weaker opponents must fight back or they will have to start all over again. There are also a variety of paper skins in the game for players to choose for free. The art style of the game is bright and clean. Each player has a different color, which is very convenient and easy to distinguish between multiple players. So if you want to experience the thrill of being a "real estate boss", then you must not miss this game.



Hole.io is an addictive and very interesting multiplayer competitive game. The player will control a black hole and consume as much as possible to make himself bigger before the time runs out. The player with the largest black hole when the time limit has been reached wins.

In this game, players can not only swallow the characters in the game, but also can swallow benches, cars, fences, and even high-rise buildings. As long as it is an object that can be seen on the map and as long as your black hole is big enough, you can swallow everything. Also when you become big enough, you can swallow black holes controlled by other players to speed up the process of getting bigger. Players can also use the gold coins in the game to unlock many other skin options, which is a nice addition.

So in this game, players not only have to always look for new targets to swallow, but also be careful of other players trying to swallow them. So if you want to experience the thrill of swallowing everything, then this game will be your best choice.


Snowball.io is an interesting multiplayer battle game. In this game, players will use a small snowball robot to compete on the melting snow. The victory of the game is very simple, stay alive until the end and you are the winner.

Before the game starts, you can choose your favorite color to dress up your robot. You will use these robots to make snowballs. The snowballs you created can be sent towards your enemies. You can push the opponents out of the field, or you can use your snowballs as a shield against your opponents.

In addition to being wary of your opponents, you must also be careful of the snow that may disappear at any time on the field. If you are pushed out of the field or fall into the disappearing snow, then your game will end. So if this cute little game interests you, why not give it a try.


Slither.io this game is believed to be familiar to all players, this is an io-type mobile game similar to Snake. In the game, you will act as a greedy little snake to snatch food from your opponent. When the time is over, if you are the heaviest Snake then you are the winner.

Although the gameplay is similar to Snake, this is an online game, and you will not be killed by your own body. On the contrary, at certain times, when you are hunted down or surrounded, being in a circle is also the best protection for yourself. Another thing to be careful of, is that no matter how heavy you are, you must be on the lookout for your opponents who can eat you, making you start all over again. In addition, this game also has many skins for players to unlock and use. If you were a huge fan of Snake or want to relive those childhood memories, then this is definitely worth playing.


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